Species profile

Green jobfish (LUTJANIDAE)

By Dr Camilla Floros, Marine Scientist… The green jobfish Aprion virescens is a species from the snapper family that frequents tropical reefs throughout the Indo-Pacific. Their long torpedo shaped body and pale green colouration is unmistakable underwater. They are prolific predators and are most often found cruising mid-water directly above coral and… Read more »


By Gareth Jordaan, Marine Scientist… The blue shark, Prionace glauca, is a slim graceful species with a dark blue back, bright blue flanks, and a white demarcated underside. They have a long conical snout, large eyes and no spiracles. Their pectoral fins are long, narrowed, and scythe-shaped situated well in… Read more »

Hawksbill turtle (CHELONIIDAE)

By Stuart and Bronwyn Dunlop, Conservation Managers at Cousine Island, Seychelles… Hawksbill turtles, Eretmochelys imbricata, are medium sized sea turtles with an average weight range of 65 – 80 kilograms and length of one meter. This species of turtle is characterised by large overlapping scales on its carapace and an… Read more »

Spotted ragged-tooth shark

By Dr Jade Maggs, Marine Scientist… Spotted ragged-tooth Carcharias taurus, otherwise known as grey nurse sharks or sand tiger sharks are large, predatory animals. They are light brown, with small, irregularly spaced, dark brown spots. They have small eyes and the large mouth bears several prominent teeth, which are ragged… Read more »

Potato bass

By Dr Jade Maggs, Marine Scientist… Potato bass Epinephelus tukula are large, charismatic reef predators with enormous mouths. Also known as potato groupers or potato cod, these territorial inhabitants of coral and rocky reefs are a favourite with scuba divers. The body colouration is light tan with dark potato shaped… Read more »